What is the Genius program on Booking.com?

But there is one little secret, the cheapest prices are not seen by everyone, but only by regular travelers, those who made 2 or more reservations.

Genius Loyalty Program

For registered users, Booking has created a loyalty program called Genius.

If you make any 2 bookings in 2 years, you will be given Genius Level 1 status, which is a 10% discount in those hotels marked with the .genius badge

Further more interesting! Having made more than 5 bookings over 2 years, you will receive Genius Level 2 status, and this is already a discount of up to 15%, as well as additional options in some hotels – free breakfast, transfer.

How to use the loyalty program?

Using the Genius loyalty program from Booking is very easy! Go to the site, enter the city where you want to find the hotel, dates and click Search!

In movies that appear, immediately mark the .genius icon

As a result, you will receive a list of all hotels that participate in the loyalty program.

Booking regularly sends interesting collections of Genius offers to different cities in the mail, I recommend you follow them.

So, in order to get the biggest discount on Booking, you need to make 5 bookings, this will automatically transfer you to Genius level 2 status and provide a lifetime discount!

What else gives Genius status?

For holders of Genius status, booking regularly holds promotions, for example, you can get a cashback of 10% of the cost of booked hotels. But this is not constant, you need to monitor such actions, usually they come to the mail in the mailing list.


Remember that Booking also makes money! You can place your apartment or hotel and very quickly start receiving orders! If you place your object on the service using this link, you will not have to pay a commission for the first 5 bookings!

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