How to behave at the airport?

Most beginners who are just starting their journey experience stress at the airport, so in this post I want to give some recommendations and share useful life hacks.

  • Check-in usually starts 2 hours before departure, so it’s ideal to arrive at the airport 2.5 hours in order to calmly find the check-in desks and pack your luggage if necessary. You shouldn’t come earlier, because you are tired of waiting, but calculate your time so that you don’t come later and do not run like stung.
  • Print your e-ticket in advance, although in most cases they are not needed (you just have to show your passport) at some airports you may be asked to show a printout.
  • If you are with a small child under 3 years old, ask them to skip the line, sometimes they can send you to the counter for business class or for diplomats.
  • Find out in advance whether baggage is included in your ticket and, if necessary, buy it online (it’s cheaper). Make sure that your suitcases weigh no more than what is allowed, otherwise you will have to pay extra for the advantage.
  • When passing through border control, do not be rude and do not make fun of employees, answer the questions asked, even if they seem strange.
  • Remove all items prohibited for transportation from hand luggage in advance – scissors, liquids, and so on.
  • If you fly with a low-cost airline from a hot country and because of things you get a lot of hand luggage, put as many things as you can on yourself, nothing will be hot for you, but you don’t have to check them in your luggage and pay extra.

The rainy season in Thailand

Thailand is known worldwide for its beaches, delicious food, distinctive culture, and cheap prices. Even though you can relax here all year round, most travelers are not aware of this and choose the most popular winter months for their trip.

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How to buy a cheap flight ticket in 2020?

An air ticket is the most important component of a trip, and its cost directly affects your trip, if it is expensive, it simply can not take place.

During 10 years of travel, we learned and recorded life hacks, thanks to which you can buy a ticket cheaper than usual.

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How to save on booking hotels and apartments?

To save on booking a hotel or apartment you do not need to have special knowledge and be a member of a closed community of travelers. Today everyone can do it. In this article, you will learn the 8 easiest ways to travel cheaper! They can be used one at a time or, if possible, combined to get the maximum benefit!

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8 life hacks how is it profitable to rent a car?

Going on an independent trip, you may encounter a situation where renting a car may be the most profitable solution for moving. In addition, it is also a great way to get to know the country better, you can call in places that you will not visit by public transport, move on your own route and even spend the night in a car, saving on hotels!

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