How to save on booking hotels and apartments?

Sign up for mailing lists of reservation systems,, have mailing lists where they regularly send discount coupons and special offers.

Typically, such coupons and promotions are limited in time, so you need to have time to use them.

Use seasonal sales

Hotel reservation systems often conduct seasonal sales (spring, summer, etc.). They make good discounts on certain hotels.

Secret offers from Agoda

When searching for a hotel on, there is a filter called SECRET DEALS, its essence is that you do not see the name of the hotel, you only see its name and the area in which it is located. It turns out that you book blindly, but at a good discount.

I recommend looking for expensive hotels with a large number of stars in SECRET DEALS, they have very good discounts on them. Genius Program has a loyalty program called Genius. To participate in it, you need to register on the site.

The more reservations, the greater the discount. Hotels participating in the program are marked with a special Genius icon.

The basic discount for the Genius program is now 10-15%, but it can be higher. And some more hotels provide additional services – breakfast, transfer, etc., which is also very nice.

Enjoy discounts from Airbnb, a popular apartment booking site, offers good discounts, but you need to know how to do it!

If you have not registered with Airbnb yet, register and receive a welcome bonus.

Look for apartments with the New icon. Yes, they do not have reviews yet, but Airbnb makes special offers on them with a 10-20% discount.

Check prices for a week, two weeks, a month. Often the owners make good discounts for these periods. And even if you live in an apartment for several days less than this period, the price for a longer period may be lower.

Collect points, dreams, nights

Some reservation systems have reward programs, according to which for each reservation you get a certain amount of points / dreams / nights (all of them are called differently).

Having typed a certain amount, they can be used to pay for a reservation or free accommodation.

Use the hotel price comparison services

There are sites that allow you to compare hotel prices in all reservation systems. They will show how much the cost of the same hotel in Booking, Agoda, and a couple of dozen systems. You just have to choose the lowest price and go to the booking site.

Compare hotel prices on our website in the Hotel Search section.

Pay with cashback cards

To pay for the hotel, use debit or credit cards with cashback / miles.

So with every reservation you will receive a small additional discount. And if you use the card with a cashback regularly, then you can save $500 a year, as I do.

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