Compare cheap flights from Chicago to Moscow

Travelscompare compares cheap flights from Chicago to Moscow. We work with hundreds of airlines and agencies so that you buy tickets to Moscow at the best price!

Moscow is a unique city to which dozens of well-known airlines operate their flights. Please note that we help to find flights from Chicago to Moscow without commission and additional fees!

The Cheapest Round-trip Tickets from Chicago to Moscow

Departure atStopsAirlineFind tickets
08.09.2021DirectTickets from 801
01.08.20211 StopTickets from 1 281

You can fly from Chicago to Moscow by direct flight or with a stop, such flights are usually cheaper. To buy the cheapest ticket, we recommend that you use the low price calendar. Choose a month, and then see what day it is most profitable to fly out!

Not only classic airlines, but also low-cost airlines fly to Moscow, which means that a ticket here can be bought very cheaply! See which cities you can fly to Moscow the cheapest!

The Cheapest Flights for this Month from Chicago to Moscow

Departure atStopsAirlineFind tickets
30.07.20211 StopTickets from 1 331
31.07.20212 StopsTickets from 1 264
01.08.20213Tickets from 1 281
03.08.20213Tickets from 1 929
04.08.20211 StopTickets from 1 027
06.08.20211 StopTickets from 1 039
08.08.20211 StopTickets from 1 038
09.08.20211 StopTickets from 964
10.08.20211 StopTickets from 973
11.08.20211 StopTickets from 978
12.08.20211 StopTickets from 1 003
13.08.20211 StopTickets from 884
14.08.20211 StopTickets from 927
15.08.20211 StopTickets from 1 029
17.08.20211 StopTickets from 860
18.08.20211 StopTickets from 909
19.08.20211 StopTickets from 998
20.08.20211 StopTickets from 1 029
21.08.20212 StopsTickets from 1 019
02.09.20211 StopTickets from 869
07.09.20211 StopTickets from 891
08.09.20211 StopTickets from 801
15.09.20211 StopTickets from 847
18.09.20211 StopTickets from 832
19.09.20211 StopTickets from 855
24.09.20212 StopsTickets from 1 310
26.09.20211 StopTickets from 855
01.10.20211 StopTickets from 856
08.10.20211 StopTickets from 833
18.10.20211 StopTickets from 827
01.11.20211 StopTickets from 815
20.11.20211 StopTickets from 888
01.12.20212 StopsTickets from 834

Rent a car in Moscow

Hire a car at the airport to drive to Moscow and travel around the area!

It is best to book a car in advance with receipt at the airport, and you can give it there when you leave, or earlier in the city.

Taxi transfer from airport to Moscow

The most comfortable way to get from Moscow airport to the city center is a private transfer. The driver will meet you with a sign at the airport and take you to the specified address, to the hotel or apartment.

Top attractions in Moscow